Wellness Workshops

Cerner Wellness wellness workshops

The ability to deliver behavioral change programs and to monitor compliance and efficacy is critical to any wellness offering. With our wellness workshops, organizations can deliver prescriptive, self-paced and customizable programs to educate and empower individuals to take control of their lifestyle choices.


Wellness Workshops are delivered to employees based on their needs as identified by their Personal Health Assessement (PHA) or blood screenings. Once an individual's risks are identified they are matched to workshops designed to manage those risks.


The science is clear; individuals learn and adapt at different speeds and rates. By allowing people to learn and participate at their own speed, Cerner Wellness ensures that individuals get the right intervention at the right time.

The Cerner Wellness Wellness Workshops enable users to develop and maintain healthy practices. Through interactive, guided programs, users learn not only about their own personal health and wellness, but also about the importance of healthy habits, methods for making healthy changes and actions to take toward achieving healthy lifestyles.

Cerner Wellness workshop activity list

Through a series of program-specific articles, tips sheets, wellness tools and tasks, each Wellness Workshop will provide the user with the information necessary to make healthy changes, and the guidance to take action in further developing and advancing healthy behavioral changes.