Personal Health Assessment

Cerner Wellness Personal Health Assessment PHA

Cerner Wellness delivers our NCQA Certified web, mobile or paper based Personal Health Assessment (PHA) that services both the individual and the employer in understanding their needs, risks and overall health. Our PHA differs from others in that it intelligently and dynamically adapts based on an individual's demographics, responses and other factors.


Our reporting tools are real-time, exportable to Microsoft Excel and provide administrators with the ability to run reports whenever they want.

The Science

Developed by clinicians with backgrounds in primary care, our PHA utilizes multiple models of health screening to assess risk for the most common and preventable chronic diseases.


We provide you with the choice of omitting specific sensitive questions. Our PHA is delivered in both an online and paper format and supports multiple languages.

The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) Tool is a survey designed to collect health and wellness information about individuals. The survey consists of 45 questions and takes approximately 15 minutes to answer.

We know that the most common chronic diseases (asthma, heart disease, diabetes) account for more than two-thirds of deaths each year. We also know that most of the time, these same chronic diseases are preventable.

example HA question

Once the questionnaire is completed, each individual will get a detailed report that rates his or her health risks (Low Risk, Moderate Risk, or High Risk) and makes personalized recommendations about how to better manage their health, based on each individual's risks. An overall wellness score is also calculated and presented to the individual.

HA wellness score

Wellness Score

Each user is given a score of 100% upon starting, then points are deducted depending on his or her answers. Once we have an overall score, we can determine their Risk Level:

Low Risk: 80% - 100%
Moderate Risk: 60% - 79%
High Risk: 0% - 59%

Risk Categories

An individual's PHA answers in are used to calculate a Low, Moderate, or High risk for each category of the PHA.

HA wellness risk category

For each area of High or Moderate risk, the risk advisor will recommend workshops for behavior change. These risks are based upon research done at University of Michigan Health Science Center, as well as the biometrics guidelines from American Heart Association.

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